BeauGen Cushions Available on!

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BeauGen Cushions Available on!

In an effort to make making peace with your pump even easier, BeauGen has worked with to offer our patent pending, friction reducing, breast pump cushions. Walmart is one of the most popular online retailers for mom and baby products in the US. In 2020 they were ranked the number 5 online retailer for baby products. BeauGen is happy to add Walmart to our list of online marketplaces which include our BeauGen online store and Amazon. Now you have another option to conveniently can get your bottles, pump parts, and BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions, all in one place!

This is great news for moms who already shop for their mom and baby products on You can add your BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions to your existing order! Additional bonus: both 1 Pair (2 Cushions) and 2 Pair (4 Cushions) packages qualify for 2-day shipping. Walmart offers moms 210 distribution centers across the country to make shipping faster and easier.

BeauGen Cushions Are Now Available from with 2 Day Shipping

Why We’re Pumped:

Reaching this new milestone took a lot of time and effort. Over the past year, we have worked with Walmart’s online retail team on everything from meeting their packaging requirements to planning shipping and logistics to their 210 distribution centers. Our pumping mamas are worth the time and effort it took to make this happen!

Same Great Cushions, Same Top Notch Customer Service.

All of our BeauGen customers receive direct access to our Mommy Care Team. Even when you buy online from Walmart, we encourage you to reach out to our customer service team, the BeauGen Mommy Care Team. This caring team is here to help with any questions you might have about using, cleaning, or caring for the innovative breast pump cushions. Our team members are able to help troubleshoot questions based on your type of pump, how to achieve the right fit with your flanges, and even answer common pump related questions. 

In fact, if customers have any issues with the cushions, we encourage moms to reach out to us directly first. We’re happy to help resolve your concerns or problems to save you time and headache.

Where Do You Shop for Baby Products?

We’re taking a poll! Drop your favorite online retailers for mom and baby products in the comments section below this post. 

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