BeauGen Cushions Impact Over 100,000 Pumping Journeys

BeauGen Cushions Impact Over 100,000 Pumping Journeys

The Cushions that Changed the Pumping Industry in Just 7 Years

Breastfeeding is as old as time. While this form of feeding is natural, it hasn’t always been easy. In our blog on the history of the breast pump, we dug back through history to find that mothers had trouble breastfeeding and used supplemental feeding methods as far back as prehistoric times. BeauGen’s Founder and CEO faced her own challenges first with nursing, and then with pumping. From there, BeauGen’s innovative Breast Pump Cushions were born. Just 7 short years later, we’ve changed the pumping industry by helping over 100,000 people pump in comfort around the world. 

The top reasons our customers say they are pumping are because they are unable to nurse (27.5%), want to freeze milk for future use (25%), and are going back to work (15%). Around 60% of our customers have elastic nipples which makes any type of breastfeeding more difficult but not impossible.

BeauGen Has Impacted over 100,00 Pumping People

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Filling the Gap and the Flange

This current generation of mothers is facing a lack of generational wisdom and experience, largely due to many of our own mothers having returned to the workforce and opting to bottle feed with formula rather than breast milk. Although breast pumps are more widely available and visible now, education is still lacking. Currently, lactation training programs still do not provide adequate training in regards to pumping, let alone exclusive pumping. 

This also comes at a very emotional time for these parents. Many are either pumping because biological nursing was challenging, painful, or not possible.  Another reason is that they are preparing to leave their babies and return to work. In any situation, pumps offer a means of providing nutritious breast milk for their babies. Pumping, like nursing though, can be very nuanced. It’s not as simple as attaching the flange that comes with your pump, and just going for it.

These situations leave many parents to figure out pumping on their own, or seek advice from friends, family, and other mothers who post about their journeys on social media. In fact, 72.5% of customers have heard about BeauGen’s cushions from social media.

BeauGen Cushions Help 100,000 Pumping Journies

100,000 Pumping Journeys Saved

The benefits of breast milk are becoming more commonly studied, and widely accepted by new parents. The pressure to naturally feed our babies is not commensurate with the amount of information available to new parents about how to feed them. Breastfeeding is still widely believed to be “easy” because it’s the method nature intended. The grief that comes with the physical pain of not being able to feed our children is overwhelming. A lion share of our customers find us within the first three months of their baby’s life. 

One mother shared, "I’m happy [these] cushions exist. Without them I would have never been able to pump, therefore baby would have never had the opportunity to get my nutritious milk."

Our cushions are used in combination with many major pumps including Spectra (37.5%), followed by Medela (27.5%), Elvie (12.5%), and Motif (10%). Most of cushion users are not the occasional pumper. In fact, 82% of our customers are pumping 4+ times a day. On top of this, 27.5% are pumping 8+ times a day and fall into the category of exclusive pumping. Major insurance companies are beginning to cover the cost of pumps like Spectra and Medela. Hospitals are also beginning to feature these pumps in their birthing suites in addition to offering flange sizing evaluations as part of their lactation consultations. 

So many pumping people are still finding a need for a better flange fit and a method of reducing painful friction. In fact, over 75% of our customers cite either flange fit or comfort as the reason for purchasing our product.

It’s Not Just Our Cushions

Our company is made up of compassionate and caring people from lactation professionals to content experts who band together in support of families. The majority of our team members are parents themselves who have walked similar paths to many of our customers. 

Another customer shared this with our team, "Customer service is amazing. So helpful and understanding and got me a replacement super quickly... I’ll be pumping for a few more months so I’ll be ordering a few more times! These have made a huge difference in my pumping experience. Thank you!"

Feedback like this is what keeps us going. It’s what drives us to design and offer the very best in comfort and fit for breast pump flanges. 

Our bodies are all different. They have different shapes. They make different amounts of milk. They respond to different things. One of our team members exclusively pumped with a double electric pump. Another only hand expressed or used a manual pump. And others still nursed their littles. We understand that this is an emotional decision and an important connection to your baby, and we go the extra mile to support you.

"I had these 5 years ago and was obsessed with how much easier it made my exclusively pumping journey! Now here I am 35 weeks pregnant grabbing more! I am so thankful for this company! It really did help with pain I was experiencing 5 years ago, now I can start with no pain 5 years down the road!!"

We will continue to be here for our customers for years to come.

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