BeauGen Turns 5 Years Old

BeauGen Turns 5 Years Old

Over the past five years, BeauGen has had the privilege to serve over 30,000 moms across the globe.  That’s a lot of bumps and boobs! From the very outset, it has been the mission of our Founder and CEO Tu-Hien Le to empower and uplift moms from every walk of life in their breastfeeding journey.

Breastfeeding is a journey.  And it’s a hard one. From the middle of the night feedings, to the pain caused by breast pumping, we’ve heard the stories of many moms.  These are stories of dedication, love, and often, self sacrifice. 

Founder and CEO Tu-Hien

It’s why we’ve worked so hard to create a breast pump cushion that helps moms achieve a more comfortable, customized breast pumping experience , online lactation courses that educate and empower, and comfy, stylish merchandise that fosters a community of moms.  It’s why in the midst of this uncertainty, we’re offering free online meetups and programming for moms and their little ones.

Oh How We’ve Grown!

The Early Days:

In 2015, Tu-Hien launched a successful Kickstarter campaign where moms of all kinds supported the goal of ending pain with the pump.  By bringing these women together and giving them a voice, BeauGen’s Founder and CEO ended the feelings of isolation and loneliness experienced by women who selflessly give and give to their babies, pumping for hours on their own.

Part of the BeauGen Team 2020 - Happy Birthday BeauGen

Together with her husband, Tu-Hien designed and tested over 40 different prototypes to come up with the cushion you know and love.  The goal was to design a single solution that could fit moms of different sizes, who face different challenges, and to make it affordable.

Five years later, with over 30,000 moms impacted, it’s safe to say that Tu-Hien has achieved her goal.  But, while moms can now sit back and relax while pumping in comfort, we’re still working.


With a full team of women, BeauGen is charging ahead, full power.  We’ve added new products to our offering like our four powerful educational courses to help both pumping and breastfeeding moms.  These courses are bursting with vital information that’s packaged in an easy to follow course that can be completed on a mom’s busy schedule.  

Happy Birthday BeauGen

BeauGen is furthering our mission to create a community of moms for moms by engaging with Lactation Professionals and Affiliates.  By forming these partnerships, we are able to reach even more moms as they begin or as they navigate their pumping and breastfeeding journey. We realize that the cost of our breast pump cushions may be cost prohibitive to some of our mamas, so we’ve worked with local non-profit organizations to donate our cushions to moms and communities in need.

And Beyond!

Our goal is to help 100,000 moms on their journey!  

Join us in our mission either by partnering with BeauGen or by tagging us in your pumping photos. Happy Birthday, BeauGen. Here’s to many more years of making mommying feel even better! 

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Happy Birthday, BeauGen! So proud to be part of this awesome team!


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