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BeauGen Donates to the Black Doula Project for Giving Tuesday

BeauGen Is Donating to the Black Doula Project for Giving Tuesday

The holidays are a time for families. For growing families, this can be an exciting time! However, for some, birth can be a challenging experience. BeauGen is supporting families this year by making a donation to the Black Doula Project. 

The Black Doula Project: Our Charity of Choice for Giving Tuesday

What is the Black Doula Project? 

You can listen to our podcast interview with Erryn from the Black Doula Project here, or continue reading! 

This organization’s beginnings are rooted in education and compassion. Their mission was to create an online movement that brought awareness of maternal health and provide support to black birthing women and their families. Complications for black mothers and their babies were on the rise and the Black Doula Project felt called to do more.

Black Doula Project: Empowering Black Families to Birth Safer

Did you know that black mothers are three to four times more likely to die from childbirth or related complications when compared to white women? In a first world country, it can be hard to stomach that women can die during childbirth. Not only are black women dying, but their deaths can be prevented.

In 2020, the Black Doula Project achieved not-for-profit status and began their mission to create a grant that would cover the cost of doula services for birthing women of color in D.C. and Baltimore. For more information visit the Black Doula Project FAQ Page.

Giving Tuesday Benefitting the Black Doula Project

How Do Doulas Make the Difference for Birthing Families? 

Birth can be an overwhelming experience. Pain and discomfort can disorient mothers. Fear can inhibit our ability to question and seek answers. For partners it can be equally difficult to know what to do, how to advocate, or what options are available. 

Doulas are experts in childbirth. They know what is normal, what is unsafe. And they are well versed in potential interventions, and what they can mean for the birth mother and baby. A doula is an advocate, a champion for safety, information, and awareness.

Empowering Black Mamas to Birth Safer by Donating to the Black Doula Project for Giving Tuesday

By providing black families with birth and postpartum services, families are seen and heard. They are protected and supported. And complications during birth are reduced. Because doulas are considered outside of the medical support team for labor and postpartum, they are often not covered by insurance. This means that many families are left to pay out of pocket.

When a family has to pay out of pocket for doula services, they can be seen as extra, or something elective. But the truth is they are a powerful support system. The Black Doula Project is able to connect compassionate doulas with families who need their services.

Donate to the Black Doula Project with BeauGen this Giving Tuesday!

What is BeauGen Doing to Help?

On Giving Tuesday, November 30th 2021, BeauGen will be making both a monetary donation, and sending Breast Pump Cushions to help mothers during their postpartum experience. We had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Erryn of the Black Doula Project. And we feel called to support this vital mission. 

Listen to the podcast with Erryn Tanner from the Black Doula Project

BeauGen is big into compassion. Our definition of compassion is empathy, plus action. Many of our team members are mothers and understand that the transition into motherhood unlocks a level of empathy you never knew you had. Empathy is wonderful and the world needs more of it, but we try to take it one step further and put action behind our feelings. BeauGen is excited to help make a profound difference for birthing mothers of color in our communities. 

How Can You Help? 

If you feel called to join us in supporting the Black Doula Project, you can donate to their Go Fund Me page! Donations are tax deductible and directly impact birthing families in D.C. and Baltimore!

Donate to the Black Doula Project


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