Launching The Mamaverse

BeauGen Launches an Online Self Care App Experience for Moms

A Connected Online Self-Care Journey for Every Mama.

BeauGen has built a collaborative self-care experience for moms. We built The Mamaverse because we believe moms need to prioritize themselves in order to feel their best so they can show up as their best with family, friends, and at work. 

Beaugen Launches The Mamaverse, a Connected Interactive Experience for Moms

What is The Mamaverse?

The Mamaverse from BeauGen leverages technology to connect every mom to a community that makes mommy-ing an even more rewarding and fun experience. Our team has worked to create an interactive health and wellness experience for moms. 

Here moms will find fun and educational challenges that boost mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness. Our goal is to make mamas feel valued and appreciated, through a fun online community experience that fosters compassion and collaboration.

The Mamaverse is: 

  • Free
  • Collaborative
  • Educational
  • Uplifting
  • *Inclusive

*We recognize that not all birthing people identify as a cis gender and use the term mom because the majority of our users identify as such. This is an open and affirming space for all birthing people, adoptive and foster parents, and those not captured by the use of the terms "mom, mama, or mother".  Dad's are welcome in The Mamaverse as well.

The Mamaverse App Experience

You can: 

  • Get recipes
  • Learn new exercises
  • Listen to guided meditations
  • Join or build your own team
  • Meet other moms
  • Connect directly with experts in various wellness disciplines
  • Earn points which can be exchanged for actual rewards

Initially The Mamaverse was launched as an invite only experience. We are now ready to share this exciting new niche space with all moms! In our first iteration, we’ve leveraged the technology of Gametize, a customizable interactive app to offer moms free wellness experiences. Throughout the app, you’ll find places to provide your feedback in exchange for points and rewards. This feedback will help us in the building of the next iteration of this experience. 

Click here to Download Gametize and try the app today. 

Once you’ve downloaded the app, search for The Mamaverse. Create your profile and begin engaging with content and other moms to create your best life, one challenge at a time. 

The Mamaverse Podcast

In addition to all of the powerful content that we offer in The Mamaverse app experience, BeauGen is putting together a star studded list of wellness experts for educational podcast episodes. Click here for a full list of previously released episodes, and be sure to look for The Mamaverse in your favorite podcast app. Don’t miss another episode! Click here for a list of episodes. 


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