Reusable Milk Storage Bags from Junobie for the Win!

BeauGen Now Offers Customers a Reusable Milk Storage Bag from Junobie

BeauGen Now Offers Moms a Reusable Milk Storage Option that Outlasts Its Plastic Milk Storage Bag Counterparts. 

Now that we’ve removed the pain from the breast pumping experience, we’re tackling other pumping challenges, like breast milk storage bags.  That’s right, milk storage bags, the little plastic, resealable storage bags with whom we have the most volatile love/hate relationship.  They work.  They’re relatively inexpensive.  And they’re what we use to store our precious liquid gold.

But let’s talk about the downsides to plastic milk storage bags.  These single use bags come pre-sterilized and cannot be sterilized a second time.  So to ensure your baby’s safety you should not reuse them.  This means that moms end up buying and disposing of a ton of milk storage bags.  

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How Many Disposable Milk Storage Bags Does One Baby Go Through?

If you are saving only your extra milk and use about two milk storage bags per day, that’s upwards of 60 a month, or 720 bags per year.  If you store twice as much milk, that’s 120 bags per month and 1,440 bags per year.  And some moms need even more than that.  Additionally, these plastic bags will tear, break, or leak and need replaced.

If we think about the number of babies born in the United States in 2018 that would equate to almost 3 billion plastic milk storage bags being disposed of every year (For the sake of numbers we're estimating.  We know many moms exclusively breastfeed and many exclusively pump).

If every mom in 2018 used 2 plastic breast milk storage bags a day that would be three billion bags thrown away

That’s a lot of plastic.  And it’s a lot of money.

And Then There’s the Usability Issues

Plastic bags can be hard to use.  Some milk storage bag options attach directly to your breast pump and other moms have found hacks to enable pumping directly into a bag.  But what if you can’t or have trouble doing that?  You’re left trying to pour from a bottle or a pitcher into a flimsy plastic bag.  This difficult method is just asking for spills.  Think about it - what’s your concentration like when you have a hungry, crying baby, a partner who’s asking you questions about dinner, or other kids running around in the background? 

If you have ever spilled breast milk, Mama you know it’s okay to cry.  You worked hard and sacrificed so much time for that liquid gold.  But after you’ve made it and pumped it, you’re left to try to store it in a bag that is meant to be thrown into the trash. 

Or, you can shell out even more money for the sturdier plastic bags that reduce the chance of spills and leaks at the expense of your mom’s night out budget.  

The Better Milk Storage Bag: Reusable Silicone Milk Storage Bags

Luckily for modern moms, there is a better, more sustainable option for storing your breast milk.  BeauGen’s team of moms found Junobie Reusable Milk Storage Bags and we have fallen in love.  Better for Mother Earth, your sanity, and your wallet, it’s not hard to see why moms all over the world are falling in love with these amazing and versatile bags. 

Junobie Reusable Breast Milk Storage Bags

Each bag is made from FDA-approved, food-safe silicone, so they  are safe for storing your breast milk.  Simply fill and store in the fridge or the freezer, and thaw when you need it. Additionally, this also means that the bags are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and they are safe to boil or sterilize (don’t put the slider in the dishwasher or boiling hot water though!).  

Junobie Reusable Silicone Milk Storage bags are also free from other potentially harmful substances or allergens, including: BPA, BPS, PVC, Latex, and Phthalates. As mamas ourselves, we know your family’s safety is important, and with Junobie there is no compromise.

Storage capacity: 

These bags can hold between six to eight ounces of liquid safely if you plan on freezing the bags.  When freezing breast milk or any liquid, remember that liquids  expand as they freeze, so do not fill your bag over eight ounces if you plan to freeze it.

Avoid spills and Leaks: 

Junobie bags stand up on their own making them great for transferring milk from a bottle to the bag.  This also means you can stand them up along your freezer door or in a container for easy access and organization. 

Each bag seals shut to avoid leaks during storage, transportation, etc.  This patent-pending design is truly innovative and perfect for moms on the go. 

Store your cushions

Bonus! Because the bags are food safe and sturdy, they are perfect for storing for your BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions between uses.  Cut down on washing and drying your cushions at the office and keep them safe on the rides to and from home.

Junobie Milk Storage Bags Are Now Available on BeauGen's Website

The Milk Storage Solution that Grows with Your Family

Yes, these bags are designed for safely and easily storing breast milk, but they’ll last far beyond your pumping days.  The durable design and material means that once you wean your baby, you can use these bags to store other items for mom and baby.  Yup! Have a puff monster? Great! Shake some of those babies into a bag and toss it in the diaper bag. The same leak-proof closure will keep your little one’s snacks fresh. Want a safe place to store your little one’s pacifier? Use a Junobie bag!  

Making your own baby food? Junobie bags are great for this too! Whether you transfer the food right into the bag after pureeing it, or freeze into cubes, these bags are a great way to store baby food until you need it.

Buy Junobie Bags with Your Cushions

BeauGen is now offering Junobie Bags right on our website.  Simply add a pack or two to your cart with your next cushion order and say goodbye to flimsy, problematic plastic storage bags! 

Try The Dallas in grey.


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