Virtually Supporting Moms and Bringing our Community Closer Than Ever Before

Virtually Supporting Moms and Bringing our Community Closer Than Ever Before

BeauGen Announces Virtual Meetups and Online Activities for Moms and Kids

At BeauGen, we think being a mom is the best job in the world.  But, being a mom is also tough. On a good day it can be an isolating job, especially for new moms in their fourth trimester.  Postpartum moms are faced with new challenges and many are on their own, and feeling overwhelmed right now. Pediatricians recommend that babies are kept at home and with limited visitors for at least the first two months or before they are inoculated.

We recognize that moms with infants aren't the only ones feeling overwhelmed. Mamas with toddlers and older children at home can be isolated for a variety of reasons as well. But don't worry, we're here to help by providing opportunities for moms to socialize as well as giving little ones opportunities to gain new experiences through music, dance, and more!

Keeping kids entertained with BeauGen Virtual Mama Meetups

We’ve worked to create a community of moms, to bring each other together, supporting one another in good times and bad.  Now we’re working on bolstering that community even more. Starting March 26th, we’re offering online programming in the form of Virtual Mama Meetups, including activities for moms and little ones as well as exercise, meditation, and support sessions for moms.

Join our Facebook group to access these free events!

Kicking It Off With a Bang!

Music Junky Studios Partners with BeauGen for Virtual Music Class

Or two...Our first online meetup will be a music session for moms and toddler age children.  We’ve partnered with Music Junkie Studios to put together a live music class that will help teach children the difference in volume, tempo, and instruments.  It will introduce melodies, and use music to teach memorization. Join our Facebook Group to view the event description and reserve a spot for you and your child. 

Following Events: 

Pilates for Postpartum and Beyond

Movement for moms is important for health and wellness, both physically and mentally.  BeauGen is partnering with Pilates expert and instructor Elaine Morrison from Elaine Wellness, to bring you an exercise break that your body and mind crave.  Not only can you join in this event live and for FREE, but we’ll have it recorded so that you can continue to enjoy this beneficial experience for weeks and months to come.

Meditation for Moms

Hilery Johnson of Bringing in Baby Partners with BeauGen to Offer Online Meditation for Moms

Mom life is a fast paced, busy life.  Don’t worry, making time for meditation will be a breeze with this easy to follow meditation session.  Hilery Johnson, Founder and CEO of Bringing in Baby, will guide us in an online meditation session.  Hilery empowers women and soon to be mothers with spiritual tools.  Her guidance helps women become mothers,prepare for pregnancy, and increase their intuition and grow in their motherhood journey.  We’ll record her guided session and have it available for future use as well.

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The first free session today was fun! It was great to see moms and their littles with their smiling faces on video, singing along. I’m glad we got to do this.


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