BeauGen's Policies

BeauGen's Policies

Looking for a list of BeauGen's policies on privacy, terms of service or shipping? Please select the appropriate policy from the convenient list below. 

Privacy Policy

BeauGen does not sell any personal information collected during the sales process, from our email newsletter, VIP or Subscription programs. Any and all information is used to better serve you as a customer. Click to view our Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

Terms of service is our policy describing or outlining what terms we use in reference to BeauGen, our products, and our customers. For a full list of terms and their description click through to the Terms of Service Policy.

Refund Policy

We work hard to make sure that our customers are fully satisfied. In some cases, that means providing full or partial refunds. If you are interested in learning more about the various refunds we offer, and how to file for them, please click through to the Refund Policy.

Shipping Policy

Pumping is hard enough. Purchasing and receiving products that help save your pumping journey shouldn't be a hassle. We've worked hard to simplify this often complex process with the following Shipping Policy.