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Become a Lactation Professionals Partner

How can I partner with BeauGen?

Are you an IBCLC, lactation educator, or other lactation professional? 

Do you teach a breastfeeding class or support mothers who are breastfeeding and/or breast pumping? 

Do you or your practice want to reach an even larger audience of pregnant, breastfeeding and breast pumping mothers across the country?

BeauGen partners with lactation professionals to help even more moms pump in comfort.  If any of your clients are between flange sizes, have elastic nipples, or experience discomfort using a breast pump, then our breast pump cushions might be the solution they need! 

BeauGen strives to promote the amazing work that lactation professionals like yourself are doing across the country. In light of recent events, we understand the difficulty of transitioning your important work online, so we are now offering a partnership program opportunity for qualified lactation professions to our audience.

Why partner with BeauGen?

Lactation professionals who develop a partnership with BeauGen receive the following benefits:

-  opportunities that allow you and your business to target and interact with our active and engaged audience of 20K+ breastfeeding moms
- a free sample of our BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions
- special discount codes to share with your clients
- access to wholesale opportunities

Also, if your work already has a robust social media presence, we offer sponsorship of giveaways, guest blog postings, podcast opportunities, promotion of your social media channels and content on our BeauGen channels, and more.

Partnership Program

Learn more about BeauGen, our products, and more by exploring our Lactation Professionals Media Kit

If you are interested in exploring a partnership with us, please complete the Lactation Professional Partnership Application here

If you have any questions about partnership opportunities, please reach out to Stephani, at

Thank you for your continued dedication and service to the breastfeeding mom community. We look forward to working with you!