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Do you own a baby shop? Are you a lactation professional or doula? Do you work in a medical health facility?

You could be a successful BeauGen cushions wholesaler! 

Bring the benefits of BeauGen cushions to your community. We offer great rates on cushions for wholesalers, and get customer service for you and your customers.

BeauGen wholesalers are all around the world, including Canada, UK, Australia, Belgium, Brunei, France, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and more!

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Become a BeauGen Wholesale Partner and Help Us Help Moms

How do BeauGen cushions help with pumping?

  • Cushions provide an overall more comfortable pumping session with minimal investment and upkeep.
  • Cushions reduce friction with the breast pump flange or shield.
  • Cushions provide a customized fit to the standard-sized flanges.
  • Cushions help to hold back breast tissue for moms with elastic nipples.
  • Learn more about BeauGen cushions in How it works and FAQs.

We have wholesale clients all over the world...and growing!

Saudi Arabia
United States
Viet Nam

Summary of BeauGen's Wholesale Terms and Conditions (updated 8/2022):

  1. Destination freight charges, taxes and customs fees apply, unless otherwise agreed.
  2. All items are non-returnable and non-refundable. Shortages and damaged items will be promptly replaced if reported within 7 days of receipt of shipment and damaged items are returned to BeauGen. Email for further details.
  3. Wholesale orders are placed in quantities of 50 units.
  4. Minimum Acceptable Re-Sell Price is 90% of retail value.
  5. Re-Selling on Amazon US and Walmart is prohibited.