19: Transitioning Back to Work for Moms

EP 19 of the BeauGen Express Yourself Podcast: Transitioning Back to Work for Moms with Sarah Wells

Simple, Yet Actionable Advice From a Mom Who’s Been There

This podcast episode has so much game changing information for moms who are going back to work, that you’ll want to make sure to give it a listen. Sarah Wells was working in DC, trying to juggle pumping with a busy routine which involved commuting, meetings, and even congressional sessions. She searched high and low for the right pumping bag, but couldn’t find one that fit what she needed, looked great, and made life for a working mama easier (you know, all the things a pump bag should do). 

We sat down with Sarah to hear the story of how she created her own gorgeous pump bags that go above and beyond the call of duty, but also to get her real life advice and wisdom for working moms. Hear her passion for moms, life, and why every employer should be hiring working mamas.

What we covered:

  • How to make sure to make time for pumping at work.
  • How and when to speak to your employer about needing to pump after returning from maternity leave.
  • The benefits of seeking out a coworker who has gone before you.
  • What employers can do to improve pumping areas for work.
  • The creation story for Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags and Sarah’s personal experience with pumping.

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Meet Sarah Wells in the BeauGen Express Yourself Podcast

Sarah Well’s Bio:

After the birth of her daughter, Sarah had her entrepreneurial “light bulb moment” and launched Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags. These unique pump bags are based on a stylish and functional designer handbag that replaces the frustrating tradition of carrying a cheap vinyl breast pump bag or five separate bags for all of a mama’s “stuff”. 

Since that time almost a decade ago, Sarah’s business has become an internationally recognized brand in the baby products industry. Sarah is a mom, an entrepreneur and a women’s health advocate. Prior to starting her business, she spent 15 years running national nonprofit organizations committed to achieving quality healthcare for Americans, with a personal passion to improve policies for girls and women.

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