24: A Partner’s Perspective on Breastfeeding and Pumping

Meet Pat Sullivan from BeauGen on the Express Yourself Podcast

BeauGen Team Member, and Father, Pat Sullivan Shares How Teamwork Made Their Breastfeeding Dream Work.

Join us for an awesome episode as we get the take from Pat Sullivan, our team member, new dad, and Organizational Psychologist in training. Pat has a wealth of experience as a former engineer working in a broad range of industries. But when his son Nolan was born, it was time for him to take on a new role: Work from Home Dad. We ask him what it was like watching his wife breastfeed, how he tried to support her, and use his experience to overcome challenges.

His answer was short: Teamwork. We got him to unpack that a bit more so be sure to give this episode a listen by clicking the play button below. 

What we covered:

  • Organizational Psychology and how Pat got interested in this practice.
  • How Pat found and joined Team BeauGen.
  • Pat’s wife's journey through breastfeeding - a partner’s perspective. 
  • Communication styles.
  • What it was like becoming a father.
  • How his own experiences have shaped his role as a father.

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Meet Pat Sullivan from BeauGen on the Express Yourself Podcast

Pat Sullivan’s Bio:

Pat is primarily a stay-at-home dad to his fourteen-month-old little guy - Nolan Jack. He’s also a part-time operations specialist and a part-time student. Pat is pursuing his Master's in Organizational Psychology. 

If that doesn’t keep him busy enough, his hobbies include playing music, cooking, baking bread, and he’s also begun tackling cakes. He has worked as a process engineer for a paper converting company, quality engineer for an iron/steel foundry, project manager in healthcare, now Pat works with us at BeauGen.  

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