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28: Comparing the Lactation Landscape: The US and The UK

Hear What It’s Like For Pumping Mother’s In The Uk From An Exclusive Pumping Advocate

Join us as we sit down and talk to Chloe Dunkeld. Chloe is a new mom, 13 months postpartum and the founder of Little Pumpling, an online community offering consultations to support pumping mothers in the UK. 

Today we discuss the difficulties of breastfeeding as a first-time mom and breaking down the stigma around pumping. In this episode, Chloe explains her journey with exclusive pumping, and her desire to make a community to support other moms who exclusively pump.

What we covered:

  • What education around breastfeeding and pumping looks like in the UK and how this compares to the US. 
  • Chloe shares how midwives are incorporated into the UK healthcare system in a holistic manner. 
  • How Google and Facebook communities helped Chloe navigate the exclusive pumping world when it was hard to find credible information.
  • Chole’s journey with breastfeeding and dealing with feelings of grief and disappointment when you can’t breastfeed.
  • The beginning of Little Pumpling - How an online community for exclusive pumping moms helped women understand more feeding options for their babies.
  • Things moms can do to set themselves up for success in terms of pumping.

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Meet Chloe Dunkeld of Little Pumpling

Chloe Dunkeld’s Bio:

Before founding Little Pumpling, an online community and offering consultations to support pumping mothers in the UK, Chloe Dunkeld was a new mother hoping to breastfeed her child. 

Like so many of us, her journey was off to a rocky start when her baby was unable to latch. Then, a midwife introduced Chloe to pumping, and her journey as an advocate for exclusive pumping began.

Personally knowing how isolating and difficult exclusive pumping can be for mother’s, Chloe began advocating online. Now she offers in person and virtual consultations on pumping for new moms.

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