29: Cutting Through Chaos and Inviting Peace Into Our Homes

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BeauGen Express Yourself Episode 29: Cutting Through Chaos and Inviting Peace into Our Homes

Expert Organizer, Corinne Morahan Shares Her Actionable Advice for Busy Moms with Hectic Homes. 

This week, we had the chance to catch up with professional organizer  Corinne Morahan. Corinne is the founder and CEO of Grid & Glam, a company that helps women and busy families organize their home and work life. 

Today Corinne, Tu-Hien, and Maggie discuss how to stay organized and have the time and energy to focus on what you love. In this episode Corinne explains her journey from Wall Street, to running her own business, and how motherhood made her realize there is more to life than what she was experiencing.  

What we Covered:

  • Corinne’s journey to creating sustainable systems to keep her home organized and neat.
  • Why the stigma moms feel when it comes to “messy” homes and having chaotic environments is total BS and how you can be organized in the chaos of motherhood.
  • Four pieces of advice to getting organized and getting your time back. 
  • Diving deeper into the mindset of being organized: why organization is more than just putting things back in the right place.
  • How mess and chaos can manifest in day to day life. 
  • Tips for actually managing the clutter before it comes into your house.
  • One thing that you can do to manage organization, stress levels, and all the things in your life as a new mom.

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BeauGen Express Yourself Podcast Episode 29: Cutting Through Chaos and Inviting Peace Into Our Homes

Corinne Morahan’s Bio:

Corinne Morahan is the Founder and CEO of Grid + Glam. Through her programs and services, she helps women create order in their lives so they can do more of what they love. 

Her programs include the Grid +Glam Membership, a virtual platform that teaches busy families the step-by-step process for creating an organized home, and Organizers Academy, a 6 month intensive coaching experience that helps organizers grow and scale their businesses.

As a wife and mom to two, she understands the challenges of staying on top of it all. Corinne knows that when you are organized you have the time and energy to focus on what you love, and her goal is to help her clients achieve that. Prior to starting Grid + Glam, Corinne earned a Master's degree from Harvard University and began her career working on Wall Street.

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