33: F Words in Motherhood

BeauGen Express Yourself Podcast: F Words in Motherhood.

There is more than one dirty little f-word in motherhood.

When it comes to motherhood it seems like everyone and their mothers have an opinion on what to do and what not to do.  We get it, as moms we want everything to be perfect and it can be so daunting when you have a million different sites, books, and people telling you conflicting things.

In today’s episode, Tu-Hien and Maggie take a step back from interviewing experts to discuss 3 specific F words in motherhood. We’re keeping it real y’all as we speak about formula (and why it’s not the failure option), why things that are totally out of your control are not your fault and how breast milk is not actually free when you consider how much energy and work goes into producing and feeding your baby. 

Join us as we sit down and share why every decision you make is a very personal decision you make for your family. You're doing great, mama! 

What we covered:

  • Formula: there’s a lot of talk about this on social media which might overwhelm all the moms. We’re here to give the BeauGen perspective- fed is best and we don’t formula shame. 
  • Unlocking a new level of empathy once you become a mom.
  • Fault: why it’s time to stop internalizing something that is totally out of your control as a major personal failure. 
  • When it comes to breastfeeding and even motherhood, focus on one pump session (or step) at a time. 
  • Free: it’s common to think that breast milk is free, but there is a hidden cost to breastfeeding.

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