31: Inspiring Employers to Empower Pumping Mamas

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BeauGen Express Yourself Podcast Ep 31: Inspiring Employers to Empower Pumping Mamas

PumpSpotting is a Driving Force for Pumping Mamas in the Workplace

Today we sat down with Amy VanHaren, the Founder and CEO of Pumpspotting, a breastfeeding app that connects mothers and employers. Amy relates to listeners by sharing her experience of isolation as a pumping mom in the workplace. She shares with us how this experience inspired her to change the workplace for thousands of other moms. 

In this episode, we discuss the difficulties nursing and pumping moms face in the workplace, dealing with the isolation of having to feed your child while trying to have a successful career, and how companies can be allies. Amy explains her journey to founding Pumpspotting, why she never thought she would have a career in maternal health and what she aims to change about how workplaces deal with pumping and nursing moms. 

What we covered:

  • Amy’s journey of balancing her career and breastfeeding/pumping and the catalyst that led her to start Pumpspotting.
  • How Pumpspotting addresses and solves the pain points of feeling disconnected and lonely.
  • How touring with the Pumpspotting RV allowed Amy to address the pain points of women by meeting up with them and having a space for a safe conversation.
  • Three key themes that came out of this tour that all nursing and pumping moms faced personally and professionally.
  • Amy’s work with companies to get them to be breastfeeding friendly as an advocate and ally for nursing and pumping moms.
  • The big shift employers need to make to take them from being a tolerant culture to a supportive culture for pumping moms.
  • How the hybrid workspace impacts breastfeeding and nursing moms.


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Meet Amy VanHaren in BeauGen Express Yourself Podcast EP 31

Amy VanHaren’s Bio:

Amy VanHaren is the CEO and founder of “Pumpspotting”, a digital platform and employer benefit software helping parents feed both family and career. Amy faced deep isolation while working and breastfeeding. The experience led her on a quest to solve the pain points of feeding at work and everywhere else in the world and to unite nursing, pumping women.  

Amy has 24 years experience in marketing and digital community building at companies like Patagonia, Amy's Kitchen and Vistaprint. Since launching “Pumpspotting”, Amy has supported over 40,000 postpartum parents to date. She’s pitched on a moving escalator on Apple’s reality TV show, spent five months traveling cross-country to meet thousands of mothers in her Breast Express RV, and been named one of Forbes Next 1,000 entrepreneurs.

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