27: The Impact of Therapy From Preconception to Our Postpartum Period

The Impact of Therapy from Preconception to Our Postpartum Period

Hear First Hand From A Therapist Specializing In Maternal Mental Health

Join us as we sit down and talk to fellow BeauGen team member and therapist Danielle Stone. In this episode, we discuss how her transition to focusing on maternal care was a natural decision, especially since her early career centered around trauma work and helping vulnerable young people become safe, healthy, and successful in the community. 

Danielle explains how her work in maternal care, why midwifery teams and post-maternal care are overlooked in general healthcare systems and dealing with pregnancy and a Covid at the same time. Learn why every mother deserves pre and postnatal therapy, and the difference between baby blues and postpartum. Also, hear a bit about her personal birth story and transition into motherhood during the pandemic. 

What we covered:

  • How Danielle came to focus on maternal mental health after she became a mother.
  • Why talking to a therapist prior to conceiving was the best thing to do, and helped Danielle have a baseline for motherhood and the huge transformation that comes with it.
  • The experience of giving birth and dealing with motherhood during a global pandemic.
  • Why giving birth with the help and support of a midwifery team was such a positive experience.
  • Dealing with pregnancy and a husband who was diagnosed with COVID at the height of the pandemic. 
  • What does the future of non-traditional birthing and maternal care look like?
  • As a therapist, Danielle shares what postpartum looks like beyond the initial few weeks of feeling off post-birth.

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Danielle Stone's:

Danielle is a wife, mom, and a professional therapist specializing in women's reproductive health from preconception to parenting and everything in between. Danielle and her husband welcomed their daughter right at the beginning of the COVID pandemic in March, 2020. Despite a pretty intense preparation, as life had it, their plans were pretty derailed as Danielle’s husband tested positive for COVID the Sunday before their daughter was born. 

Together they learned how to navigate new parenthood without the typical new parenthood type comforts. Things like not having a village, limited pediatrician access, staying completely isolated etc... and here they are today with a healthy 18 month old daughter who's thriving!

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