3 New Innovations For Every Breastfeeding Mom


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The beauty about today is that parents are becoming more and more creative in coming up with cool and helpful ideas to make the mom experience even better. In the social media age that we live in, it’s even easier for new moms to explore and discover these great baby-inspired inventions. In this post, we want to spotlight our 3 favorite parent inventions that are designed to specifically make the breastfeeding experience better.



Pumpspotting is a mobile app designed by a working and traveling mom Amy designed to help other moms on the go find, share, and connect with other nursing and pumping moms. Pumpspotting was created to change perceptions, places, and ultimately, the percentage of women who meet their breastfeeding goals. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find a comfortable and clean area to breastfeed while you’re out traveling. Sometimes you scout potential areas that you think may be suitable but find either you can’t find an outlet to plug your pump in or that it’s in fact not a private area to do your thing. That’s the wonderful advantage of having this handy mom-approved app. While off on a business trip, you can search what other moms before you have found and experienced when on the go. Need advice on what nipple cream to use or how to ease the pain during pumps? Connect with the strong mom community and share raw unedited mom knowledge.

And Pumpspotting is about to do something even more amazing. TODAY Pumpspotting will launch their crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign to drive coast-to-coast, town-by-town next spring to iterate on the app as they go. The idea is to drive conversations, awareness, and better understand the state of breastfeeding so they can build the best app to make the experience seamless. Lets help make this community stronger together and show our support by backing the Pumpspotting campaign!



BeauGen’s breast pump cushion is no stranger to Kickstarter campaigns either. With the amazing support of the breastfeeding mom community (and cheering family and friends) along the way, the dream of breast pump cushions to enhance the fit and add comfort to the pumping experience is now possible. Kickstarter helped launch BeauGen’s breast pump cushion from concept to market where now it is possible to help make pumping more comfortable for as many moms as possible. With the continued support and social sharing of parent inspired inventions, more and more pumping moms can continue to pump for those little bundle of joys and reach their breastfeeding goals.



Lactalite is a breast pump illumination tool created by a father who watched his wife struggle to see whether or not she was producing milk while pumping. We know pumping requires a lot of parts so Juggling a breast shield and bottle with one hand and the LED light of her iPhone in the other, they both agreed that there was a better way. With Lactalite, you clip the battery powered soft glow illumination to help visual confirmation. Because of this handy dad invention, moms can now do their middle-of-the-night pumps without needing to turn on bright blinding lights and be satisfied to see their milk flow during pumps.

Parents are clever, resourceful, and just awesome! What Pumpspotting, Beaugen, and Lactalite all have in common is that they want to improve the pumping experience. We should continue to share our innovations with one another and help the community of parents. Whatever we can do to make the breastfeeding experience more manageable and comfortable the better and we are all for it!

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