Do BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions Fit a 27mm Flange Size?

Do BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions Fit a 27mm Flange Size?

Are moms who use larger flange sizes out of luck?

Our Mommy Care Team is often asked if BeauGen’s Breast Pump Cushions are designed to fit breast pump flanges that are size 27mm.  We have good news! Our one-size-fits-most cushions are designed to fit flanges from size 21mm all the way up to size 27mm.  So yes - moms who use a range of flange sizes can take advantage of the added comfort provided by our cushions. 

For more on this question and answers you can either watch the short video or read the rest of the blog post below.

BeauGen Founder and CEO, Tu-Hien Le, answers this question and takes it a step further in this informative short video. 

Cushion Sizing Information

The Clearly Comfy Cushion from BeauGen are designed to fit inside of flanges from a size 21mm flange up to a 27mm breast pump flange.  Each cushion is 1mm thick.  This reduces the overall size of the flange as they take up a bit of room inside of both the cone and tunnel.  The cushions reduce the size of a flange by a total of 2mm (1mm all the way around the flange for a total of a 2mm reduction).

Do the Clearly Comfys from BeauGen Fit Larger Flange Sizes

This means that if you have a 27mm flange and use a cushion, you will achieve a 25mm fit.  If you use a 25mm flange with our cushion, your flange fit will be 23mm.  Size does matter for pumping moms because it affects both your seal with the pump, and comfort.

How to Use Your Clearly Comfy Cushions with Size 27mm Flanges

If you are ready to use your BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions with size 27mm flanges, we recommend training your cushions to fit these larger cones and tunnels.  Training your cushions is simple!  Learn how in this informative post

The Clearly Comfy Cushions are not compatible with 29mm flanges.  This means moms who need a true fit of 27mm flanges will not be able to size up to a 29mm flange and use the cushion. Due to their slightly firmer material, the Clearly Comfys are not as stretchy as Originals. Therefore, our Mommy Care Specialists do not recommend the clear cushions for moms needing a fit of 26mm or larger. Have questions about how to size your flange for the Clearly Comfys? Check out our handy size and fit chart. This will tell you what size flange you need to achieve your desired fit.

Clearly Comfy Cushion Sizing Chart from BeauGen

Similarly to our original cushions, the Clearly Comfys can be trained as well. Use the same training tips as previously mentioned in this blog.

If you have other questions about proper fit, the use of the BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions or pumping in general, you can view our FAQ page, or reach out to our Mommy Care Team by emailing us here.

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