Do I Really Need a Breast Pump?

First time mom snuggling with baby deciding if a breast pump is needed.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!  

We know that once you have decided to commit to breastfeeding your baby, the next question you have is, will you really need a breast pump?  

Well, a breast pump is one of those modern inventions created to help women cope with being separated from their baby while still being able to provide them breast milk.  Many women have said they have a love-hate relationship with their breast pump. It’s not the most natural feeling to pump but allows you to have a bit of freedom away from your baby when needed. The pump can be an option or a necessity depending on your lifestyle and situation. If any of the following situations apply to you, having a breast pump will help you be more prepared for the arrival of your baby:

  1. You are on maternity leave and will eventually be separated from your child when you return to work.
  2. You want your significant other to be involved with the feeding process.
  3. You will have other caretakers like your mom, in-laws, or babysitter to help care for the baby.
  4. You like sleep.
  5. You like a little bit of you time.
  6. You want a backup plan in case nursing does not work for you.

In any of these situations, getting a breast pump is definitely a good idea.

Most insurance companies will provide your breast pump 30 days before your delivery date. To ensure you get yours in-time, you can contact your insurance provider to select the pump of your choosing. If you need suggestions on which pump to get, you can start here for a comparison chart. Additionally, there are plenty of other comparisons on breast pumps you can research as well.

We all agree that fed is best in whatever means possible.  The pump can be a critical tool to support your breastfeeding journey and help you reach your breastfeeding goals.  However you should not feel pressured to pump because others are doing it. This is simply a backup in case there is situation when you are not immediately around but it is completely up to you.

Enjoy every moment of this special time in your life.  In a blink of an eye, they will be all grown up! 

If you have questions about breast pump cushions and how they can help enhance your experience with your pump click here to view our FAQ Page

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