How to Stay on Schedule Pumping When You Go Back to Work

Express Yourself: How to Stay on Schedule Pumping When You Go Back to Work

Tips for your Transition Back to Work

We’re not gonna lie, mama. Transitioning back to work after maternity leave is not easy, but you can do it. Check out this video for our top tips on making that back to work transition a little bit easier.

Maternity leave goes by in the blink of an eye. Before you know it, it’s time to start thinking about going back to work. As you mentally, physically, and emotionally prepare for your return to the workforce, we recommend following these four tips to stay on track with breast pumping. 

1. Adjust your pumping schedule to your future work schedule

A few weeks before you go back to work, plan out what you anticipate your pumping schedule will look like at work and adjust your pumping schedule at home to better prepare your body for those changes. For moms who work a 9-5 job, here is an example of a pumping schedule:

First arrive at work (8:30 AM)

Mid-morning (10 AM)

Lunchtime (12:30 PM)

Mid-afternoon (2:30 PM)

Before you head home (5:00 PM)

Adjust the schedule according to what fits your workplace and work hours the best. However, make sure you plan on pumping with a regular schedule to maintain your supply. 

2. Have No Fear, SuperMom is Here

How to Stay on Schedule Pumping When You Go Back to Work

Mama, it’s time to let your supermom powers shine! Put your newly-acquired superpowers to the test by preparing, organizing, and planning ahead to make your transition back to work that much easier. Don’t worry about doing all of the prep work on your own. Read below to learn about delegating a job to your partner!

How to stick to a pumping schedule when you go back to work

Be Prepared and Organized

Make sure your breast pump, parts, accessories, and, of course, your BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions are cleaned and packed away in your breast pump bag before you go to work. Taking care of this simple step ahead of time, preferably the night before, will make the morning rush easier and less stressful. 

Pro Tip: Ask your partner to wash all of your pump parts and accessories in the early evening. Before bed, pack up your pump bag so that you don’t have to think about it in the morning. 

If you’re looking for some advice on essential items to include in your breast pump bag, check out this helpful blog post

Protect your Time

After you’ve determined what your pumping schedule looks like during the work day, you’ll want to actually block that time off on your calendar. When your pumping sessions are protected, then meetings cannot be booked during your scheduled pump breaks. Make sure to block off 5-10 minutes more than how long you typically pump for, so you have enough time to set up, clean up, and store the milk.

Pumping tips for returning to work from BeauGen

3. Talk to your Manager

Before you go back to work, have a conversation with your manager to make them aware of your breast pumping plans. Don’t see this conversation as you needing to ask permission. Instead, view this conversation as your opportunity to let your boss know that breastfeeding is important to you and that you would like their support. Be prepared for this meeting by letting your manager know the number of times per day you will need to pump, the duration of pumping sessions, and that you’ll need a private space in which to pump.

4. Speak with your Colleagues

Let your co-workers, especially those you work closely and consistently with, know that when you return to work you’ll need to dedicate several time slots each day to breast pumping. Sharing details about how you are organizing and blocking off time on your work calendar will better prepare them for appropriate times to schedule meetings with you. 

We hope that this post and video empower you to stick to a pumping schedule when you return to work. If you’re interested in having a more comfortable pumping experience at work, check out a pair of BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions

Looking for more information on pumping and heading back to work? Check out BeauGen and Milkology’s online course “The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class”!

BeauGen Founder & CEO, Tu-Hien Le, shares a few helpful tips on how to stick with a pumping schedule when you go back to work

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