New Year, New Pumping Gear

New Year New Pumping Gear by BeauGen

Happy 2023! The new year is always a time to shake off the previous year, starting fresh with new goals. You might not think this applies to your pumping journey but you’d be surprised what reframing your mindset and replacing your pump parts can do. 

When you are setting your goals for 2023, include your pumping journey. It takes every bit of effort, emotion, and stick-to-it-ive-ness as all the others…and more. When trying to lose weight, we get ourselves new workout clothing or gear. When we’re trying to eat healthier, we get new cookware. So when trying to reach a pumping milestone, it’s time to get new gear!

Reasons to Start Fresh with New Gear this Year

Recharge Your Batteries

Self care is important for moms. You can’t pour from an empty cup figuratively or, in this case, literally. New gear can help you look at your pump in a different way. When it’s not the same old, worn out tubing, membranes, or storage baggies, pumping might not suck so much…or maybe it will suck more but in a good way.

Stay Safe for You and Your Little One

Breast milk is the best milk for little ones, but only if it’s safely expressed and stored. Old tubing can be hard to keep clean and sterilizing or cleaning can wear certain parts down overtime. Various pump parts and equipment need to be replaced in order to maintain safety. 

Tubing, valves or membranes, even our Breast Pump Cushions need to be replaced. Stocking up in the new year can help save time and money. You can ensure that you have all of the parts on hand when they need to be replaced. 

Every Ounce Counts

If your pumping journey extends into the new year, you can make every session worthwhile. If you are going to be strapped to a pump you want to make sure you can get every ounce. Efficient pumping sessions effectively empty your breasts and help safeguard your breast milk supply. 

As valves and membranes wear out over time your pump can lose its suction. Look at your manufacturer guidelines to learn when or how often to replace these. If your pump flanges, tubing, or cushions are worn out, have cracks or are thinning, these need replaced as well. 

Save Time and Money By Buying Now

Many companies will close out the year or kick off the new year with a sale. Capitalizing on these sales and buying the supplies that you’ll need ahead of time can be a wise decision. Not only will you have these parts at hand when you need them, but they’ll cost less too. 

Moms are busy. We don’t have to tell you that you have a lot on your plate. Having one less thing to remember makes your life easier. If you can make pumping easier, you’d do it right? So take advantage of BeauGen’s New Year New Gear sale! We’re offering our two pair packs of cushions at 20% off.

The choice is yours Mama. Either stock up on a bunch of cushions so that you have them ahead of time, or purchase a subscription and have these packs shipped right to your door.

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