PSA:  Self Care Isn’t a Christmas Gift

PSA:  Self Care Isn’t a Christmas Gift

We’d like to correct something that we’ve previously said. In order to be merry and help pumping Mamas get what they need to be comfortable, we put certain items on our holiday gift lists. But self care shouldn’t be relegated to under the tree or in a stocking. Previously we shared just how much work breastfeeding is. Whether you pump or nurse, it roughly equates to a full time job…one without pay, sick days, or support in general. Then add on the load of emotional and physical work that moms do, and we are in need of some serious self care. We said it before and we’ll say it again, self-care isn’t a Christmas Gift.

Almost every day, moms give everything they have to their families. We collapse into bed at the end of a day, emotionally and physically drained, and ready to do it all again the next day. Self care has a direct effect on whether we are able to get up and do it all over. When we lack self care, motherhood becomes trying and exhausting. When we are able to refill our cups with self care, motherhood is exhilarating and joyful. We are even able to carry the difficult moments with self care. 

Cushions are self care not Christmas Gifts

The Following Aren’t Gifts, They’re Non-Negotiables for Pumping Parents:

Breast Pump Cushions

Ending friction, while it is relieving it’s not super festive. Cushions should come to your door every month, not once a year. Let’s be honest, while receiving them as a gift would be nice, a subscription would really make your pumping journey what you dreamed it could be.

Healing Balm

Restoring your skin, healing cracks and balms, this isn’t a Christmas gift. It’s basic self care. The balm or salve you need to heal, restore, and protect, should be at your fingertips not at the bottom of a stocking.

Pumping Bras and Clothing

Things that make pumping are nice. But they’re often also needed in order to make pumping actually work. If you’re a working mom, they’re not only needed to make things work, but also to work while pumping…this is getting a bit cyclical. But you are seeing the point. 

PSA: Breast Pump Cushions Are Self Care Not Christmas Gifts

Also Not Self Care

Pumping is not Relaxing

There is another thing that we need to address. There is a notion that the time a mom spends pumping is time spent relaxing. Pumping is anything but relaxing. Pumping is work. It’s not just the physical set up, the feeding, and cleaning of bottles. It takes energy. It is a drain on our emotions. It requires proper nutrition and hydration. 

Self Care Extends Beyond Basic Hygiene

The notion that the time a mom spends in the shower is sufficient for self care. Last time we checked, shaving our legs wasn’t relaxing or restorative. Let’s stop sending a mom to shower and believing it will make everything all okay. 

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