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Quick Beauty Hacks for the Breastfeeding Mom


A breastfeeding baby doesn’t want mommy to spend her time worrying about how she looks. She wants boob, and in the beginning she wants boob all the time. In the first month, nesting is quite okay and you are happy to sit on the couch with your sweatpants and food-stained shirt. Once this phase starts wearing off and the cabin fever sets in, you may want to start making yourself feel better about how you look again. Easy enough right; but how do you juggle a full-time baby, maybe even other children, and then what feels like selfishly getting yourself dolled-up again?

Facing the truth, you know that you won’t be spending the same amount of time getting ready that you did before becoming a mom. You will be stuck in a state of rushing around, making sure everyone else is okay and ready to go before even thinking of yourself, and by then you’re late to leave anyways.

So, to feel good about yourself again you need to try and figure out ways to get ready on the go. Here are some beauty hacks that every busy breastfeeding mom needs to know:

Lipstick fixes everything - just a wave of a lipstick wand and you have added a pop of color to your look. There are some really wild colors out there, or subtle nudes for the reserved mom. It is easy enough to keep in your handbag and whip out when you need that extra hint of glam.

Mom buns are actually in - you might not feel so great about your mom bun when you are washing dishes or making dinner, but with a little bit of love your mom bun can actually add to your look. Tease it up a bit and with a few bobby-pins and it will look really nice.

Throw on a scarf - this is the best beauty hack, because it serves two purposes. Feeding scarfs are a lifesaver for moms breastfeeding in public, they are light and airy which make them comfortable for both baby and mom. At the same time, there are some really pretty feeding scarves on the market that will finish off a simple mom-outfit off perfectly.

Eyelash extensions - worrying about mascara and smudged makeup seems tiresome when you have a household to look after. Why not invest a few hours a month to get your eyelashes done. It saves you the time of worrying about mascara before going out and they look great. It also gives you a chance to have some mommy-time!

Use what you have - baby cream is a really good moisturizer. Keep your skin looking young and feeling great by just rubbing on some moisturizer when you use some on your baby.

Dry shampoo - for when life is too busy to wash your hair. Most dry shampoos come in a handy travel size bottle and can be sprayed directly on to hair. It is a quick fix, but good enough to keep hair clean and smelling great a little while longer.

Every mom has a different schedule, so try out a few tips and tricks until you can figure out the best way for you to keep on top of looking great and feeling confident. You deserve it now more than ever!

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