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BeauGen Cushions Starter Bundle - 1 or 2 Pairs

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Are you ready to start your pumping journey? Does the suction of a breast pump make you cringe? Do you worry about your sensitive skin and how to care for it? Our comfortable Breast Pump Cushions take the worry and the irritation out of pumping so that you can relax and do you what you need to do Mama! 

Pumping Starter Bundle includes:

  • 1-pair OR 2-pairs of BeauGen's patent pending Breast Pump Cushions ($22 OR $44 value)
  • 1 FDA-compliant metal tin storage container and lid ($8 value)

BeauGen's Breast Pump Cushions Product Details:

  • Includes 2 (1-pair) OR 4 (2-pairs) Breast Pump Cushions.
    • Soft and slightly tacky to allow for a good seal with flange.
    • Clear for easy nipple alignment.
  • Compatible with flange sizes 21-28mm.
    • Cushions reduce the approximate diameter of your breast pump flange by 1-2mm. You may need to size up to accommodate (for example, if you currently use 24mm, you may need to size up to 27mm to accommodate the cushions).
    • Need a different size? Click here to complete a brief survey to help us prioritize the development of more sizes to support even more moms.
  • Compatible with most breast pump brands and accessories on the market, including Spectra, Medela, Willow, Elvie (by folding the cushion), BabyBuddha, Lansinoh, Hygeia, and Evenflo, just to name a few.
  • Made of FDA-compliant, BPA-free, latex-free and food-safe stretchy plastic.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 100% recyclable *Subject to recycling number 07.
  • Avoid sterilizing your breast pump cushions or using any source of high heat for cleaning. Wash with warm water and gentle soap.
  • Replace them every 2-8 weeks, depending on the frequency and duration of each pumping session.
  • Collection bottles and flanges not included.

Cushion Storage Container Product Details:

  • Includes one FDA-compliant metal tin storage container and lid
  • Fits up to TWO BeauGen Breast Pump Cushion
  • Container dimensions: 3 1/8" diameter x 2" height
  • Not dishwasher safe, should not be submerged in water. Wipe clean with a dry or damp cloth.

*** Please note that we do not accept returns or refunds on the cushion storage container. For further information on BeauGen's Policies, please click here. ***

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Audrey B.
Best cushions by far!

I personally have elastic nipples, that are less than 20mm, without these cushions I wouldn’t have been able to continue my pumping journey. I recently received a new pump and without the cushions I would have quit. I have been exclusively pumping for 18 months, and can continue my journey for more months to come ☺️ The container looks bigger than pictured but I love having my cushions in their own spot.

Hi Audrey!
It makes us so happy to hear we've been an integral part of your pumping journey. Thank you for being a BeauGen mama!

Alexandra B.
Great for Comfort, but Not Durable

These cushions are great for my elastic nipples and increased my supply almost instantly. They made pumping way more comfortable, but they are NOT durable. After only 12 days of normal use (5-6 sessions at 20-30 min), both my cushions split down the flange. At $28 each set, these are too expensive for me to keep replacing every 12 days. I’m disappointed.

Hi Alexandra! We're so happy to hear the cushions have helped with your elastic tissue and increased your milk supply! I'm sorry the cushions are tearing prematurely, we'd love to chat with you to offer suggestions on how to make the cushions last longer than just 12 days. Because the cushions are made of plastic and not silicone, they can be prone to tearing but, training them over the back of the flanges just once, gets them to relax and be more pliable. Contact our Mommy Care Team so we may give you more individualized support.

Unsure at first

I paired my BeauGens with size 21 Lacteck Baby Motion flanges. Now my sizing finally feels correct (elastic nipples). I'm not sure how small one could go and still be compatible but judging by the look of the BeauGen cushion, I think one could at least go down to 19mm LacTeck flanges. After a couple days to adapt, my output is higher. I am both direct feeding and expressing to feed my preemie fortified bottles. I am usually a "just enougher". The past two days I was able to pump 2 extra ounces for my freezer stash. I did bump up my Spectra suction one notch on both massage and expression settings.

Hi Tina! Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! 2 extra ounces is amazing, great job mama! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your pumping journey :)

Beaugen review

I was in between a 27mm and 24mm flange. I used the beaugen inserts for the 27mm which gave me about 25mm size and it fit perfectly. I always use coconut oil on the flanges and this was no different. The soft material made it less painful as it reduced the constant rubbing. My only issue is it takes a couple tries to get the insert in the middle of the flange but even then, it's not entirely in the middle once the nipple attached to it. If there was an easier way to get the insert positioned easier and more accurate, I would give this product 5 stars.

Hi Maggie,
So glad the cushions helped you obtain the comfort and fit you needed. One suggestion we have that may help you better align the cushions and nipples is to rub some lubricant onto the cushions prior to inserting them into the flanges. This will help in two ways; it will make the cushions more clear for better nipple alignment and it will also get the cushions to be less sticky so that you're able to insert them properly within the flanges. I hope this trick helps mama!

Now able to pump

Saved my journey of breastfeeding when I had to return to work and leave my little one. Very helpful due to my nipples elasticity and struggling to find a good flange. Increased my output dramatically. These are so wonderful!

Hi Crystal,
We're glad to have been able to support your pumping journey. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us!