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Silicone Breast Pumps – All You Need To Know


Breastfeeding moms are in for a treat. Silicone breast pumps are here, and they are here to stay. There have been so many new products and innovations introduced into the breastfeeding world, but very few have been as effective and helpful as silicone breast pumps. Find out what they are, what they do, and how they can help you with your breastfeeding journey.

What is a silicone breast pump?

A silicone breast pump is different from your usual breast pumps. You don’t actually use it to actively pump milk. It is a one-piece breast pump that is almost handsfree. Using the silicone breast pump is incredibly easy. You suction it onto your breast, and the suction power draws out the milk for you. Most silicone pumps come with a stopper that keeps the milk safely in the pump when not in use.

How can the silicone pump help you?

What is so great about the silicone breast pump is that it can be used during both pumping and feeding. When pumping, you can suction the breast pump to your breast while you use your electric or manual pump on the other breast. The silicone pump will gather any milk that may be let out of your breast, making sure it doesn’t go to waste.

Most moms find the silicone breast pump helps the most during feeds. The breast pump is suctioned to the breast and is hands-free from there on out. When you have a letdown, the pump collects all of that precious milk that may leak from the breast not in use. This is such a lifesaver for many moms who express for their children while they are away, making sure that every drop of milk is used.

Your breastfeeding journey

The reality is that most moms need to return to work a few months after their baby is born. This does place many obstacles in the way of breastfeeding, but thanks to a couple breastfeeding tools, it is becoming easier for working moms to express for their baby and continue to breastfeed.

The silicone breast pump will help you collect every little bit of milk. An expressing mom knows how much even the smallest amount of milk means.

To make expressing and using the silicone breast pump even more comfortable, use a breast pump cushion from BeauGen. It will add much needed comfort, making expressing so much easier and enjoyable.

The silicone breast pump

It is small, comfortable to use and easy to carry around. It is hands-free and quiet.  Pretty much everything you want in a pump, right?

The silicone breast pump might just be exactly what you need to make the most out of your pumping and feeding sessions, making sure every last drop of that golden liquid goes to use!

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