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  • Christmas Gifts for the Breastfeeding Mom

    With Christmas just around the corner, everyone starts planning ahead for the gifts they will be buying. If you have a new breastfeeding mom in your life, it is a good idea to make this Christmas extra special for her by buying her something that will make her breastfeeding and pumping journey a little easier, or a little more luxurious.

  • How Your Breast Milk Adjusts To Your Baby’s Needs

    We can all agree that breast milk is one of the most incredible things around. It provides our babies with all the nutrients and vitamins they need, when they need it. 
  • 3 Myths about BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions

     In this post, we’re clearing the air about a couple of common myths about our BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions
  • Which Breast Pumps work with BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions?

    Learn if your breast pump works with our soft and stretchy breast pump cushions.
  • Why Do You Need Breast Pump Cushions?

    What are breast pump cushions? Do you need them? BeauGen Founder & CEO, Tu-Hien Le, answers these questions and much more in this short, yet informative video.
  • Breastfeeding A Preemie

    Breastmilk is always best, and this is even more true with a preemie. Premature babies are delivered to the world a little early and need some extra help, love, and care. Some preemies are born incredibly early, and it might take weeks before they can suckle and latch correctly. Until then, you will need to ensure your milk supply comes in and stays steady, which is not an easy task.

  • Unboxing the New BeauGen Packaging!

    Take a peek inside BeauGen’s new packaging and learn more about our innovative breast pump cushions.

  • How to Insert BeauGen Cushions into Your Breast Pump Flange

    BeauGen Founder & CEO, Tu-Hien Le, shares her favorite tips and techniques for inserting your breast pump cushions into your flange. 

  • Breastfeeding A Toddler

    Congrats mom! You have made it past the one year mark with breastfeeding, what a feat! For many moms, it is a proud milestone to reach and is ex...
  • Does The Food You Eat Affect Your Breast Milk?

    Many moms who are new to breastfeeding might be worried that their diet needs to change in order for them to produce quality and nutritious mil...
  • Intro To Your Breast Pump

      Breast pumps hold the important task of expressing milk from your breasts to use to feed your baby and to help to stimulate milk production and...
  • Colorful Milk? Here’s Why!

    Just when you think you have seen it all, going through 9 months of pregnancy and a whirlwind delivery, you express one day and low and behold –...