Home for the Holidays: BeauGen’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Home for the Holidays: BeauGen’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Each Gift Comes Recommended by One of the BeauGen Team Members

Welcome to the North Pole! Okay, we’re not really Santa’s Headquarters, but we do have a list. We’ve checked it twice. And it’s full of great gift ideas for Baby, Mom, and Dad. The BeauGen Holiday Gift Guide is here!

Last year, we pulled out all of the stops to provide great gift ideas for everyone on your list. In 2020, we’ve done it again. Whether you need that one epic gift, or some simple stocking stuffers, this list is full of products that we love. Yup! All of the products on this list have been recommended by at least one of the BeauGen team members.

BeauGen Holiday Gift Guide Recommendations for Babies:

Bökee Silicone Bottle Cups

Bokee cups, the silicone bottle cup that makes bottle prep a breeze

How many times have you tried to make a bottle with just one hand without spilling anything? Frustrated parents can rejoice because with the Bökee, parents can prepare any bottle or sippy cup with one hand. The Bökee comes in stylish, gender-neutral colors, is dishwasher-safe, and is made of 100% food-grade silicone. It works for all bottle and sippy cup types and sizes so you can use it through the years as your little one grows!

Junobie Reusable Breast Milk Storage Bags

Home for the holidays - the 2020 Gift Guide for moms

Junobie reusable breast milk storage bags offer the best of both worlds, eco-friendliness and storage for your breast milk. The Junobie bags are designed to transition as your baby grows. These handy, FDA-approved food grade silicone bags can be used to store your breast milk, BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions, pacifiers, snacks, and more! These popular bags can be found in our store in The Dallas (grey). It’s time to ditch the waste and say goodbye to plastic disposable milk storage bags!

NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils

NumNum GOOtensils are the perfect way to teach your little one to feed themselves.

The NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensil makes self-feeding easier for little ones who are just starting to use utensils. Unlike a spoon, the head is flat, so there's no scooping, no balancing, and no wrong way to hold it! Your baby is able to have their independence while eating purees and other food blends (under a grown-up’s watchful eye, of course!) while building their hand and eye coordination skills.

Ashtonbee Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier

From fresh fruit to frozen breast milk, the Ashtonbee Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier is a gift your baby will love.

Ashtonbee’s Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier is a hassle-free introduction to solid food. This unique feeding tool is not only a way for babies to safely enjoy tiny bits of food, breastmilk, or ice, but it also functions as a teether and pacifier -- what a bargain! The Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier is a crowd-pleaser for babies and parents alike.

Babo Botanicals Premium Newborn and Baby Gift Set

Winter is rough on sensitive skin.Restore and protect your baby’s skin with Babo Botanicals Premium Newborn and Baby Gift Set.

Your sweet baby’s skin will stay clean and moisturized all winter long with Babo Botanicals’ Newborn Essentials Gift Set. These gentle formulas are packed with Oatmilk and Calendula to soothe, moisturize, and cleanse baby’s sensitive skin. Diaper balm, shampoo & wash, moisturizing lotion are all beautifully packaged together in a natural, reusable jute bag making it a perfect newborn or shower gift!

Love to Dream Swaddles

The safer sleep slack that allows babies to self soothe, get the Love to Dream Sleep System for your babies.

Our team of moms love these Love to Dream Swaddles.  They are patented sleep sacks whose unique design is certified to help avoid hip dysplasia, and allow babies to bring their hands to their mouths.  Yes, you read that: safe swaddles that allow babies to self soothe!  Unlike other sleep sacks which pin babies’ arms to their chests, the Love to Dream swaddles use the Arms Up design for a safe and soothing sleep which is faster for midnight diaper changes. 

Amara Organic Baby Food

Amara Organic Organic Baby Food, baby food that is a step above the rest.

Amara is an organic baby food company that uses a proprietary pressure protected technology to lock in all the nutritional benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, without worrying about keeping it cold. Designed to mix with breastmilk, formula or water, Amara brings your baby a gentler transition to solid foods. Shop Amara’s wide selection of Stage 1, 2 and 3 vegetables, fruits, cereals and plant-based proteins on their website and stores nationwide.

Gift Recommendations for Mom

BeauGen Clearly Comfy Cushion 2.0

The pain relieving breast pump insert: the BeauGen Breast Pump Cushion

Softer, stickier, and still perfectly clear. BeauGen’s reimagined Clearly Comfy Cushion 2.0 uses new technology to create a seamless cushion that features the clear material from its predecessor while achieving the soft and more durable qualities of the Original Breast Pump Cushion.

Tiny Human Co. Nipple Balm

Restore and protect your sensitive skin Mama with the nipple balm from Tiny Human Co.

Save yourself from dry, cracked, sore, bleeding nipples by getting addicted to this incredible balm. It’s certified organic and doesn’t have to be washed off before breastfeeding or pumping, so you get around-the-clock soothing protection and relief without the hassle.

Tiny Human Co. Belly Oil

Protect against or heal from stretch marks with the Tiny Human Co Belly Oil.

Treat yourself to this perfect moisturizer! Little Miracle Belly Oil is a soothing, fast-absorbing, unscented belly oil that helps boost skin elasticity in growing belly, breast and hip areas.  This Belly Oil makes a wonderful gift to yourself or someone else on your list.  Stuff those stockings with moisture!

Earth Mama Organics Vegan Nipple Butter

Vegan Nipple Butter from Earth Mama is like Heaven on Earth!

Like Heaven on Earth. Vegan Mamas, this was made for you! Every single ingredient in Vegan Nipple Butter was chosen to be soothing, buttery and incredibly moisturizing — and if an ingredient was available organic, Earth Mama Organics used it. Packed with herbs that help heal dry skin, it’ll bring your nipples back to their happy place. 

Earth Mama Organics Third Trimester Tea

Kiss cramps goodbye with the Third Trimester Tea from Earth Mama

We haven’t forgotten the pregnant mamas!! Earth Mama Organics’ Third Trimester Tea is a hearty blend of stinging nettles, chamomile, rosehips, oatstraw and red raspberry leaf, which are traditionally used to nurture your body as you prepare for labor. This delicious tea is safe to enjoy after Baby arrives too!

Earth Mama Lactation Tea

Support your lactation naturally with Earth Mama Milkmaid Tea for Lactation.

Earth Mama’s Organic Milkmaid Tea is a fragrant, comforting blend of organic herbs used to help support healthy breast milk production and promote healthy lactation. Are you nursing or pumping? Could you use a natural boost to your breast milk supply? Try the great tasting Earth Mama Lactation Tea. 

Simple Wishes All-In-One Nursing and Pumping Bra

Not all nursing bras are boring.  Spice up your maternity bras with the Simple Wishes All-In-One Nursing and Pumping Bra.

The Simple Wishes SuperMom All-in-One Bra combines the best features of your favorite nursing, hands-free pumping and maternity garments into one easy to use bra. Its stylish, comfortable support and multi-functional convenience fits your body and your busy life. Toss out your dingy nursing bra and treat your super self to a new nursing and pumping bra!

Kindred Bravely Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

Say goodbye to leaks and uncomfortable scratchy nursing pads with the Kindred Bravely Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

Kindred Bravely offers the highest quality reusable nursing breast pads that you can buy! Softer, and more absorbent and durable than cotton. Use with or without your favorite nipple creams for breastfeeding comfort. Perfect for chafed or sore nipples and breastfeeding mothers’ sensitive skin.

Milkelle Breast Milk Collection Shells

Never lose another drop of breast milk with the Milkelle Breast Milk Collection Shells

Milkelle Breastmilk Collection Shells are a great tool for breastfeeding moms who don't want a single drop of their precious milk to go to waste. These shells will collect any leaks that are expressed during nursing sessions and throughout the day. They fit conveniently inside your bra and the milk and safely be transferred to a bottle or a bag for storage.

Silverette Nipple Cups

Say goodbye to sore cracked nipples in one simple step, the Silverette Nipple Cups.

SILVERETTE ® are small cups crafted out of pure 925 silver that fit over and help to protect nipples while breastfeeding. Silver is a natural antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and antibacterial metal that also contains anti-inflammatory agents. It heals and prevents cuts, wounds, cracks, soreness, and infections.  These cups are essential for anyone who wants to prevent or who is experiencing issues with sore, cracked nursing nipples. 

LaVie Massager

LaVie Masagers are easy to use and work wonders for nursing and pumping moms.

Supporting breastfeeding moms, LaVie offers a range of massagers and solutions that make it easier to nourish your baby and more. This handheld massager helps to reduce pain, alleviate engorgement, promote faster let down, empty more effectively and more. These handheld massagers are waterproof, rechargeable, portable, quiet and loved by both moms and babies everywhere.

Elaine Wellness Collagen Powder

Natural collagen powder that tastes great! Grab Elaine Wellness Collagen Power today.

Nourish your natural beauty. These unflavored Pure Collagen powder packets offer a generous daily boost to your natural radiance and resilience, contributing to a wide range of known health and beauty benefits for hair, skin and nails. Convenient. single-dose, 10-gram packs fit easily into your purse or gym bag and can be easily dissolved into your favorite drink or smoothie. Here’s to you, gorgeous!

Ardent Candles

Quality and luxury don’t have to break the bank with Ardent Candles

Stuck at home for the holidays? Grab a candle that will transport you by filling the room with luxurious fragrance.  Ardent Candles are unique, quality scented candles that make the perfect gift for friends and family. Keep the parabens and sulfates out of your candles, and give the gift of relaxation, wellness, and happiness this holiday.

BeauGen Lightweight Unisex Zip Up Hoodie

Home for the holidays - the 2020 Gift Guide for moms

For when you simply need something comfy to throw on, this BeauGen Classic lightweight unisex zip hoodie is the way to go. It has a modern unisex fit, hood, front zip, and a kangaroo pocket. The same comfort you love from our BeauGen Breast Pump Cushions is now available in a cozy hoodie!  

BeauGen Vibes Mug

Start your day off with the perfect vibe, the BeauGen Vibes Coffee Mug.

Whether you're drinking a fresh morning coffee, or reheating it for the 4th time that day – this BeauGen Vibes mug is for you! It's a sturdy and glossy ceramic mug with a vivid print that will withstand the microwave and dishwasher.  Your vibe attracts your energy and with the BeauGen Vibes mug you’ll be rocking your morning, afternoon, or even evening (it's great for ice cream!)!

BeauGen Jogger Pants

Home for the holidays - the 2020 Gift Guide for moms

Running errands, or just need a comfy pair of sweats to watch those Hallmark Holiday Christmas movies? We have the perfect ones for you!  The BeauGen Jogger Pants are so comfy you’ll want to wear them for a marathon...a Christmas movie marathon that is.  Relax and unwind in these perfect joggers.

Glowe Collection Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings that support your back, butt, and belly - Glowe Collection Maternity Leggings.

As a pregnant mama this holiday season, you’re doing it all.  From virtual classrooms, to cooking and cleaning, working from home to working out, you need a supportive legging that does it all too.  The Glowe Collection Maternity Leggings provide back, butt, and belly support.  They do it all for the ones who need to do it all.

Gift Recommendations for Dads:

Teslyar Ashe Desk Organizer

The Teslyar Desk Organizer is the perfect gift for the guys on your list this year.

Returning home, do you put all your pocket things on the table or somewhere else? Enter the Teslyar Ashe Desk Organizer. This handmade stand made with high-quality ash wood, is reliable and eco-friendly. It will become your integral assistant in the home or office! Concentrate your routine things in one place and forget about finding them, if necessary. 

Harry’s Winston Set

Give dad the gift of a smooth, pain free shave this holiday season.

Beaugen has removed pain from pumping for the mamas, Harry’s has taken the pain out of shaving for dads. All dads deserve a great shave at a fair price. Try these award-winning razors, German-engineered blades and shaving kits. Plus more products thoughtfully designed for men.

Groove Life Silicone Rings

Medical grade silicone bands are the perfect gift for the dads in your life.

Groove Life silicone rings are perfect for the man that gets things done. These medical grade silicone bands are for the warrior, the fighter, the man that pushes every part of life to the limit. Replace the metal ring today with this new chamfered-edge design and never look back.

Shady Rays Men’s Sunglasses

Don’t worry about losing a pair of sunglasses again with Shady Rays Sunglasses

Check out these awesome Shady Rays high quality polarized sunglasses! These innovative sunglasses are meant for everything life throws at you. Supported by a lifetime craftsmanship warranty and free replacements if lost or broken. Shady Rays sells women’s sunglasses too, if you want to snag yourself a pair as well!

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