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Amanda Joins the Mommy Care Team at BeauGen


BeauGen Welcomes Our First IBCLC and a Former NICU Nurse!

BeauGen is thrilled to welcome new team member, Amanda.  As a member of our Mommy Care Team, Amanda  answers text messages, e-mails, and Facebook messages and works hard to support mamas in many aspects of their breastfeeding journeys.  One of the reasons we are so excited to have Amanda, aside from just how awesome she is as a person, is the diverse experience that she brings to our team.

Amanda Brings Clinical Experience to Team BeauGen

As a mom of three little ones, Amanda has first-hand mama experience.  But her experience and expertise don’t stop there.  Before joining Team BeauGen, she worked for 10 year in a Level III NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) that contained 52 beds.  That’s a big unit with a huge responsibility!  Amanda is also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant or IBCLC, and worked lactation shifts in the NICU to help mamas learn to exclusively pump for their little ones.

Amanda from BeauGen's Mommy Care Team as a NICU Nurse

Pictured is one of the Angel's Amanda was blessed to care for in the NICU.  This sweet baby is Josiah.

Her dream to help others started at a young age. Amanda knew at just eight years old that she wanted to be a nurse in the NICU.  An experience with her sister helped guide her on this path. We always say that working in a NICU takes a special type of person, and Amanda has the perfect combination of patience, care, and understanding to excel at this unique role. . .

What Is Amanda Most Excited About When It Comes to Her Role with BeauGen?

We asked her!  Without hesitation, Amanda’s response was, “Working alongside a great group of fellow mamas to be able to help other mamas along on their pumping journey!”  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

What Brought Amanda to BeauGen?

While we love that the NICU was a stop along her career path, we are thrilled to have Amanda join our team.  With three kids ranging from baby to school aged, working nights and swinging shifts was a lot to bear.  Amanda was looking for a way to use her clinical knowledge and skills while also supporting mamas and their babies.  As a BeauGen Cushion user herself, when she saw BeauGen’s job posting, she knew it was  the perfect fit!  Now this mama can soak up this time with her children and still pursue her passions.

BeauGen Mommy Care Team Member, Amanda and her beautiful family

What does Amanda do outside of BeauGen?

This woman does not stop, folks.  Amanda and her family are active members of their church (she and her husband actually met at church right before starting college).  On occasion, she teaches in the nursery too.  

Amanda is also very talented with her hands and loves sewing, smocking, embroidery, crafting, gardening, and cooking.  Reading is also a favorite pastime of hers.

We’re thrilled to have Amanda’s extensive knowledge of all things lactation, first-hand experience using BeauGen Cushions, and delightfully friendly personality supporting all of our BeauGen Mamas. Next time you’re on our BeauGen Mom Community Facebook Group or receive a text from us, please say hi and welcome Amanda!

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