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Beaugen offers women the chance to make a positive impact in the lives of breastfeeding and pumping moms. We are currently adding moms and professionals to our team of affiliates, and we encourage you to apply today.  If you have a public facing social media channel such as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or manage a Facebook Group you could be the perfect fit for our BeauGen Affiliate Program.

In this short video, our team member Maggie Schott walks you through our Program, why it was created, and how to join. You can scroll down to read this same information.
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What does it mean to be Pumped for BeauGen?

If you love comfort as much as we do and want to help other moms make the most of their pumping experience, then you’re Pumped for BeauGen! As a BeauGen Influencer, you will create posts in a frequency determined by our team that help educate and support other moms. Our hashtag for these posts is #pumpedforbeaugen.

Become an affiliate with BeauGen!

Why become an Affiliate? 

BeauGen Affiliates establish a direct relationship with our brand and earn a 10% commission on products sold through social media promotion. We also offer sponsorship of giveaways, promote your social media channels and content on our brand channels, and more.

Each affiliate will receive a unique discount code and URL which will track inspired sales. BeauGen will pay these commissions once per month, in the middle of the month. For more questions on how the program works you can email Diana.

Are you pumped for BeauGen? Become an Affiliate!

Requirements to become an Affiliate. You must have:

Public Instagram profile with >300 Followers


Public YouTube Channel or Pinterest Account with >100 Followers.


Facebook Profile or Group with >250 Followers/Members.


A Website, Blog, etc.

View our full terms and conditions here.

How to become an Affiliate: 

Please complete this short form telling us about you. We'll be in touch shortly. 

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Thank you for your interest in supporting breastfeeding and pumping moms!