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BeauGen Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

This document is to explicitly state the terms and conditions for both parties (BeauGen and the Affiliate) for this Affiliate Program.  Questions about anything contained in this document should be directed to BeauGen Content Manager, Maggie Schott.

  1. BeauGen reserves the right to accept or deny applicants for the Affiliate Program.  
  2. BeauGen will offer a one time 50% off code for 1-pair of breast pump cushions when you are accepted and agree to join the program.
    1. Sign up for the program via Affiliatly.
    2. Affiliates will receive 10% kickback for sales inspired, to be paid out on a monthly basis via PayPal. Note: The minimum amount an affiliate must generate before she/he gets paid is $15.
      Affiliates will be able to extend a 15% off discount to followers via their custom coupon code. 
  3. Affiliates agree to at least 1 post per month.
    1. Posts do not need to include a photo of the product, but should be related to pumping, breastfeeding, or mom life in general.
    2. Posts must use “#PumpedForBeauGen” as a method for BeauGen to track affiliate posts and engagement.
    3. For posts that include product(s), your discount code or affiliate link, please note that “This is an ad”.
  4. BeauGen will have the rights to use photos from Affiliate posts in marketing materials.  
  5. Additionally Affiliates may submit for additional methods and means of interacting with the BeauGen Brand and Social Media Profiles.  Each proposal should be submitted via email and will be approved or denied on a case by case request.  Requests should contain as much information as possible to enable the BeauGen Team to evaluate and approve the request.  
    1. These opportunities include but are not limited to the following:
      1. Giveaways
      2. Instagram Takeovers
      3. Facebook Lives
      4. Shared Stories
      5. Guest Blogs
  6. Wholesale: If you have a website or would like to sell BeauGen Cushions in person, please contact us for wholesale pricing, opportunities, minimums and other information.
  7. Terms and Conditions of BeauGen’s Affiliate Program are subject to change. BeauGen is required to notify the Influencer if and when there is a change made to the Terms and Conditions.