22: Busting Birth Myths

22: Busting Birth Myths

Labor and Delivery Nurse and Educator, Liesel Teen Busts Birth Myths and Offers Friendly Advice

You know that feeling when you sit down with a good friend, and chat about what’s on your mind? This episode of the BeauGen Express Yourself Podcast is just that; a conversation about birth with our friend Liesel Teen. Liesel started out as a contributor to our YouTube channel and now that she’s launched her educational courses and podcast, she’s back to offer friendly advice and information to inform your next pregnancy and delivery.

From facing our fears, retaining a bit of control, and how to process all of the information that is available to us new moms, Liesel is a calming presence inside the delivery room and on our podcast. Join us for this episode bursting with tips and truths around labor and delivery.

What we covered:

  • How a nurse specializes in Labor and Delivery.
  • Liesel’s calling to help moms.
  • Facing our fears during labor.
  • What if I poop during labor?
  • Regaining a bit of control through education.
  • Talking about tearing.
  • So much more.

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Meet Liesel Teen on the BeauGen Express Yourself Podcast

Liesel's Bio:

Liesel Teen is a registered nurse, mom of 2 boys, and founder of Mommy Labor Nurse. She has been practicing bedside nursing since 2013. Liesel helps expecting moms feel empowered, erase fear surrounding birth, and care for their newborns with confidence. Since starting her online platform, Mommy Labor Nurse, in 2017, she's been able to do that for SO many more new moms than she ever could in her role as a bedside L&D nurse alone. She is extremely passionate about educating new moms, and thoroughly enjoys spreading knowledge and awareness about birth through her Instagram posts, online birth courses, and popular Mommy Labor Nurse podcast.

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