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26: Using Career Skills to Thrive at Home

Growth Coach and Strategy Expert Frenchie Shares Her Tips for Busy Moms and Families

Join us as we sit down and talk to Frenchie Ferenczi, who shares how her strengths as a CEO have made her a better mother. In this episode, we discuss strategies for​​ time management, effective household management, and how to find balance through the chaos.

Frenchie shares how her expertise and knowledge in helping business owners prioritize effective work habits and strategies, can have a positive impact on her home life. ! She knows firsthand how hectic balancing life and work can get. Spend more time with your family and less time trying to manage the day to day after listening to this episode. 

What we covered:

  • You can’t perfect work-life balance but you can lean into the discomfort. 
  • Tips on how to prioritize family and work time and keep it separate.
  • Giving permission to yourself and realizing the importance of quality versus quantity. 
  • You can prioritize your time by determining what actually matters to you and how much time you can give.
  • How to deal with mom guilt.
  • What can you start doing now to feel a sense of control over the household and work-life.
  • Positive learnings from the business world you can apply to family life.

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Frenchie Firenzci's Bio:

Meet Frenchie Firenczi on the Express Yourself Podcast by BeauGen

Frenchie Ferenczi is a business growth and strategy expert who helps CEOs break through plateaus on their way to 7-figures. She is allergic to quick wins and obsessed with focusing on the long game to achieve bigger better outcomes.  Frenchie specializes in helping business owners prioritize effective work habits, actionable strategies, and a customer-driven approach.

Frenchie is also a mom, and has first hand knowledge of just how hectic balancing life and work can get. Now she’s applying her professional experience to her home life. Frenchie is here today to share with us her tips and insight into time management, effective household management strategies, and how to find balance through the chaos.

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