All about EnduraFit Inserts by BeauGen

What are EnduraFit Inserts?

Introducing BeauGen's newest innovation - the EnduraFit Insert! The innovative EnduraFit Inserts provide a superior level of comfort while pumping. Their flexible material ensures a comfy pump session and a customized fit, while their durable material allows for longer-lasting performance.

EnduraFit Inserts work with most pump brands on the market and they are flexible to fit inside flange sizes 21mm, 22mm, 23mm and 24mm. They decrease the flange size by 1-2 mm. So, for example, if your nipple measures 23mm, you will use the EnduraFit Insert inside a 24mm.

How to use EnduraFit Inserts?

EnudraFit Inserts are packaged folded. When you take them out, they will pop open into a cone-like shape.

Use your thumb to gently insert your cushion into the flange. Where the flange transitions from the narrow tunnel to the wider cone, be sure that the insert makes contact with the flange all the way around to create the seal.  Having that proper seal while pumping maintains the pump's suction.

How to care for EnduraFit Inserts?

EnduraFit Inserts can be sterilized along with your other pump parts as needed! Allow to air dry.

Otherwise, hand wash them with gentle dish soap and rinse with warm water. 

How are EnduraFit Inserts different from BeauGen Cushions?

EnduraFit Inserts and BeauGen cushions are both great pumping companions, but which is right for you?

To help you make an informed decision, let's explore the similarities and key differences between EnduraFit Inserts and our popular BeauGen cushions. While they may look the same, they feel different. 

Email our Mommy Care Team if you’re unsure which product is right for you, and we can help talk you through it!


Both Endurafit Inserts and BeauGen cushions are...

  • Uniquely made of flexible plastic, unlike other products made of silicone. EnduraFit Inserts are made of soft plastic, while cushions are made of super-soft plastic.
  • Designed with practicality in mind for busy new parents. They are easy to clean by simple hand washing with warm water and mild dish soap and allowed to air dry.
  • Compatible with all pump brands and flanges that have a standard cone shape.
  • Storable in the refrigerator for quick access in between uses.


BeauGen EnduraFit Inserts

BeauGen Cushions

Flexible to fit a range of flange sizes 21mm, 22m, 23mm, 24mm.

Flexible to fit a range of flange sizes 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, 24mm, 25mm, 26mm, 27mm and 28mm.

Flexible yet Durable

Flexible and Super-Soft





Reduces flange size by 1-2 mm 

Reduces flange size by 1-4 mm (by using the fold method)

Can be sterilized in heat

Hand wash only (no high heat)

Maintains cone shape

Relaxed shape

No stretching or training needed before use

Recommend stretching and training before use


Read on for more details:

BeauGen cushions are made of a super-soft stretchy plastic material, providing a pillowy-soft pumping experience. Given the nature of its softness, cushions should be replaced more regularly to maintain its effectiveness - similar to replacing your pump duckbills on a regular basis, or your contact lenses with a fresh pair, or your water filter.

BeauGen Endurafit Inserts are made of a more durable flexible plastic material, providing a comfortable pumping experience, and longer-lasting product. EnudraFit Inserts will still need to be replaced, but much less frequently.

EnduraFit Inserts:

  • Hold original shape, making it easier to handle and insert into the flange.
  • Are sturdier to hold back breast tissue more for those with elastic nipples.
  • Stay rigid in place during pump sessions.
    BeauGen cushions:
    • Are recommended to be stretched and trained before use to help relax the material in order to better conform to you, and to prevent premature wear and tear on the cushions.
    • Allow for more movement of nipple and breast tissue.
    • Move with skin tissue during pump sessions.

      Who might choose EnduraFit over BeauGen cushions?

      Who might choose BeauGen cushions over EnduraFit?

      Nipple measures between 19-23mm.

      Nipple measures between 19-27mm.

      Want to sterilize pump parts

      Has elastic nipples

      Has elastic nipples