Shop Our Breast Friends for the Holidays!

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Shop Our Breast Friends for the Holidays!

The BeauGen 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Moms is Live

Welcome to this year’s annual gift guide! Each year we interview our BeauGen team members, Facebook Group members, and experts to find the best gift ideas for breastfeeding/chest-feeding. This includes nursing, pumping, supplementing, all of the ways we feed our babies. Because the very best gift we can give to our families is a healthy start. 

Throughout this past year we’ve had incredible opportunities to connect with breastfeeding and chestfeeding companies and experts in our Express Yourself Podcast, guest blog posts, MomDay Monday Facebook Lives, and more. We’ve met incredible moms creating communities, seen products that totally change the pumping experience, and services that save nursing journeys. We’ve brought them all together here in this guide. So be sure to spend some time with this post and share it with the friends and family members who are walking this journey now or will be in the near future. With this guide, you could be gifting a smooth and safe start to someone you know.

Wearable Products:

Larken Nursing and Pumping Bra: BeauGen Holiday Gift Guide


Are you struggling to find comfort with a nursing bra? Comfort and effectiveness shouldn't be compromised. The Larken X bra is suitable for both nursing and hands-free pumping. It checks off all of the boxes with its innovative design that is free of wires, snaps, elastics, zippers or clips! This baby gives lots of support and all-around comfort. Its stretchy material also allows for this bra to be compatible with most major breast pumps. A must-have in our list, for sure!

Hear the founders’ story, and then start shopping!

Lilu Massaging Pumping Bra: BeauGen Holiday Gift Guide

Lilu Massaging Pumping Bra

Did you know that you can increase the amount of expressed breastmilk by incorporating breast massage into your pumping routine? If you're a busy mama that likes to multitask while pumping, this isn't something that's ideal. Thankfully, Lilu has created a pumping bra that massages the breasts for you! With Lilu you won’t miss out on those extra drops of your precious liquid gold! Massage is also good for breast health, but sometimes we might need an extra set of hands to make it happen. Enter, Lilu a mama’s breast friend.

Listen to the Podcast, and Learn more about this massaging pump bra here.

Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags: BeauGen Holiday Gift Guide

Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags

Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags are just what you're looking for! No more having all of your breast pumping essentials tossed into one big bag. Sarah Wells breast pump bags are organized, functional and chic! Each bag has its very own breast pump compartment, no need to take it out of the bag! Want a backpack style bag? She's got it! Want a breast pump bag on wheels? She's got you covered! 

Sarah has great tips in our Podcast Episode. You have to see these bags for yourself.

Making Milk

Momful on the BeauGen Holiday Gift Guide

Momful Nutrition

Breastfeeding provides lots of nutrition for our babies but we often forget to nourish ourselves. Providing your body with the necessary nutrients it’s imperative to achieving your breastfeeding goals. Momful understands that our babies’ nutrition starts with us - the mamas! Therefore, they have created “The Daily Regimen” to keep you on track! These daily supplements contain postpartum nutrients, brain food to decrease the mom brain and just the right amount of lactogenic herbs to aid in your milk production. You, your milk and your baby will be full of all of the good stuff! 

Meet Whitney, and shop her supplements!

BeauGen Holiday Gift Guide: Boobie Super Foods

Boobie Super Foods

Get natural lactation support from nutritionally packed snacks and supplements.  Boobie Brands uses super foods to pack a powerful punch for moms who could use a little support. These can be used in combination with your vitamins and supplements, and they taste great!

Hear more in our podcast episode, and shop their line here.

Milk Strip: BeauGen Holiday Gift Guide

Milk Strip

Breast pumping mamas, how much milk have you tossed because you’re not sure if it’s still any good? If it smells funny or it looks bad, it’s better to be safe than sorry!  Milk Strip has created the life saving solution to this heart-breaking uncertainty. In just three minutes and from the comfort of your own home, you can test the quality of your precious breast milk, resulting in less wasted milk. If you happen to pump for your baby and have a big freezer stash, you may want to check these out.

Learn more from Avital, and click over to get your testing strips.

Support and Services

While it’s nice to receive a gift, moms need a community. We need support and help. BeauGen has made some breast friends and we love sharing about them with you. 

Breezy Babies: BeauGen Holiday Gift Guide

Infant Massage Classes

Have you wondered if there is something that you can do to help your baby calm down, improve digestion, get a better or deeper latch? With infant massage you can do all of this, and more! Infant massage classes are designed to help moms make a direct impact in their baby’s health and development. Infant massage is also a great way for family members to bond with your new baby. 

Listen to the podcast with Bri Taggart of Breezy Babies, and then hop on over to her website!

Gugu Guru: BeauGen Holiday Gift Guide

Gugu Guru

Do you ever wish you had a gal pal, one good friend to whom you could go for all of the recommendations, for anything mom related? If you find that in a person, let us know. Until then, lean on the team of moms at Gugu Guru. This unique service and website is the end all be all of mom, infant, baby, toddler, product recommendations. Gugu Guru is great for moms to be, but for moms who are wondering what they need after the infant stage, they’ve got us covered too.

Listen to founder Monica Banks, and then visit Gugu Guru for yourself!

Slumber Feed: BeauGen Holiday Gift Guide

Slumber Feed

If you’re a breastfeeding mom, there’s a good chance that it’s not quiet all through our house, a creature is stirring, much louder than a mouse. It might not fit in a box, but you can give your family the gift of sleep with consultations with Megan Copeland. Megan is a certified sleep coach, IBCLC, and nurse!

Listen to Megan’s EP on the link between breastfeeding and sleep, and then visit her site.

Postpartum Counseling

There’s something about the transformation we go through when we become mothers. Almost instinctively we begin to put ourselves last. As a result, our health might struggle a bit. We’ve got some incredible people that we highly recommend for a mom’s physical and mental wellbeing during and after postpartum.

Sandy J Green: BeauGen Holiday Gift Guide

Sandy Green

Definitely one of our breasties, Sandy is an approachable, knowledgeable, and compassionate resource for new parents looking to regain a bit of control. She’s an exclusive pumping educator who has walked this journey herself. She’s ready to help you on your journey no matter what that journey looks like with postpartum counseling and support services.

Sandy shared her passion with us on the podcast. Learn more about her services here.

Exclusive Pumping: BeauGen Holiday Gift Guide

Exclusive Pumping

Founder of Exclusive Pumping, Amanda is one mom who has gone before us. She’s helped blaze the trail for pumping moms and shares a wealth of information on her website. Much of her information and many of her resources are available for free. Amanda does go one step further offering a series of guides and workshops for pumping moms.

Meet Amanda Glenn on the BeauGen Podcast, and then take a look at her website and offerings.

Danielle Stone: BeauGen Holiday Gift Guide

Danielle Stone

A BeauGen Team Member, Danielle is a licensed and trained perinatal therapist. Passionate about connecting with pregnant people and new parents, Danielle is a kind soul with a great ear, and loads of resources. Get in touch with Danielle Stone today and learn how she can help you with this transition into the joys and not so joyous moments of motherhood. 

Hear her Birth Story here, and connect with her here.

Tiffany Roe: BeauGen Holiday Gift Guide

Tiffany Roe

Tiffany is on a mission to prove that Therapy is Cool™, for moms and everyone else. She is an amazing therapist who is a mom, has been in therapy herself, and passionate about helping others. You don’t have to wait until you are struggling to seek support. 

Hear her story, and get to know her more.  

A Clean Home for the Holidays

Force of Nature: BeauGen Holiday Gift Guide

Force of Nature

Cleaning your home is a lot of work, cleaning and disinfecting your home before and after guests well that’s daunting. Don’t clean your house on your own, leverage the Force of Nature. This all natural, kid safe cleaning system is hospital grade yet safe enough to use on items your baby puts in their mouth. Our team members personally love this cleaner. Spray it on, let it dry, and know that your home is free of germs, viruses, even Covid! There’s no smell either.

Listen in for tips on getting the family involved in cleaning, and then head over to their site

BeauGen Holiday Gift Guide: Grid and Glam

Grid and Glam

Corinne Morahan is an expert when it comes to cutting the clutter and chaos, and inviting peace into your home. Who doesn't want that this holiday season? From tips for talking to family about gift guidelines and boundaries for your children to reclaiming your home, Corinne can make a big impact for busy and growing families. 

Hear some of her free tips in this episode, and then get in touch with her!

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